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Hello Hello! April-Danielle here and I want to thank you for joining me.  

Since 2015, I have been creating I.B.Trippin and did not even know it.  Crazy right?! My life was so consumed with work and responsibility that I not only became detached from those that I love but most importantly I became detached from myself.  It took the unexpected death of a loved one to breathe life back into me.  It was my wake up call that I did not want to leave this world unfulfilled and beholden to the voids I was ignoring.  So, I got up. And I became present and an active participant in my life.  Curating a world for myself that I did not have to escape from. Creating memories with my friends and family that got me through tough times.  That inspired me to keep moving forward.

As I went through all of my pictures and reminisced & listened to the stories my friends told of experiences that I planned that impacted their lives, I realized what my gift was.  Saying that I plan experiences for people does not capture the totality of what I give my clients.  What I am offering you is a moment to stop. To stop and be present and be grateful.  To indulge in self-care. To reconnect with the ones that you love. To make memories that you can look back on and be inspired to keep moving forward.  That's what I have been building since 2015 and that's what I want to give to you through I.B.Trippin.

At I.B.Trippin, I strive for complete customer satisfaction. Founded in 2019, I utilize my industry expertise, vendor knowledge and industry relationships to ensure every experience surpasses my clients’ expectations.

No matter what sort of trip, staycation, or date night you’re thinking of, you can be sure that I have the expertise to make planning it a breeze. So, whatever your needs, I am here to help. Schedule a free consultation with the best Experience Curator in the business.

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