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I.B.Trippin gives the opportunity to discover new parts of the world & yourself. Check out a few of the recent reviews and feedback I have received from my valued customers.



Three words! Luxury, immersive, budget friendly (okay four lol). From start to finish April provides an experience of a lifetime. From her attention to detail to her dedication to making sure all of your needs are met. She truly researches and listens to your needs. If a structured itinerary is your speed or if you just want to lay on the beach for countless hours, she will truly give the experience that best fits your desire. She is truly a professional with a passion for exploration and travel. You will not be disappointed. 

April planned my trip to Cuba when it first opened in early 2017. My nerves were a wreck because I did not know what to expect. She researched everything down to an escape plan lol. She made sure my accommodations were comfortable, I had access to transportation, and currency exchange. I was able to have a mix of culture, history, nightlife, and r&r. It was truly a well-rounded experience. Not to mention plenty of IG worthy moments. 10 out 10, I would recommend. 

Katrina Ross



I used I.B.Trippin’s services during a really busy period in my life and April made the planning a breeze. I wanted to surprise my husband with a trip in celebration of his most recent graduate degree. With the semester ending and the holidays looming, sifting through countless Airbnbs and “Best of” travel lists was not my idea of fun. And that's where IBT came to the rescue with a seamless planning experience!

With April’s long and varied travel expertise, creativity and ability to understand (and cater to) a vibe, she put together key recommendations for transportation, lodging, food and fun for a few days in Austin, TX. What I liked about April’s services was the ability to customize her assistance levels. If you wanted the independence to do your own thing with a few interesting ideas, she was open to that. If you wanted April to do all the work, she was down for that, too. But if you were someone like me in the middle who wanted to weigh in on some important decisions, April helped with that too. Of course, these options had prices to match and I was happy to fork up that fee to get out of my own way. 

My husband and I had a wonderful stay in Austin eating breakfast tacos, drinking cocktails, visiting the Museum of the Weird and shopping on South Congress Avenue. Working with IBT helped me to focus on other things and actually get excited about my trip and I can’t wait to work with April again!

Raina Losapio



April-Danielle must have been put on this earth to show people the value in doing healthy things that makes you feel good and to experience life. I have been on several trips curated by April and her attention to detail, variety of excursions, and the balance of relaxation makes for the best trip!

Recently I requested her services to celebrate my anniversary. Unfortunately, because of our schedule this summer we couldn’t do our usual trip. April curated a day full of activities to make us feel like we were on a vacation in our own city. I experienced and saw new things in my own city thanks to April.

I.B.Trippin is the best experience curation service for all people! If you don’t know where to start she will take care of it. If you are a more experienced planner but just don’t have the time she will step in and will exceed your expectations.

I.B.Trippin, 10/10, I highly recommend.

Sheyna Mikeal



April is the illest experience curator I never knew I needed. She planned the dopest group baecation to Holbox and Tulum, Mexico from start to finish. The food was bomb and plentiful at cute dinners (with vegan options!), happy hour, and bottomless brunch on and off the resort. We were able to stay active with yoga, biking and even found a basketball court to get our skate on. The resort included a private pool right outside the room, the perfect combination of bougie, relaxing and stunt worthy optics. We enjoyed the beautiful white sand beach as a couple and a full moon kickback with the group as well. The vibes were A1, both dope and romantic, the perfect way to fall in love all over again. I can’t wait for the next trip, date night AND bucket list activity crafted by April-Danielle, my go-to for all experience curation needs.

Hana Hamid

Experience, culture, and luxury! April is the experience curator I never knew I needed. She's planned many of my vacations from Brazil, Mexico, Shanghai, Bali and more: each experience better than the last. She was able to accommodate my needs and introduced me to new experiences that I wouldn't have thought of myself. Every trip is an adventure. I leave feeling refreshed, connected, and fulfilled.

Alexa Julius



Through I.B.Trippin I was able to experience my lifelong dream of meeting an elephant. The excursion was one that I elected to take during a trip to Bali. IBT set up the transportation to the elephant sanctuary, booked lunch on the premises, and facilitated an elephant ride through the grounds. I even got to feed the elephant snacks and bathe her before we left!
The trip to Bali was one that I decided to take because of where I was during that point in my life, but the adventure in the sanctuary was something that I needed to do to get a handle on where I wanted to go with my life when I got back to the States. IBT will serve as my first point of contact for all of my traveling desires.

Chayenne Rodriguez

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