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There was something missing. 

And I have spent years searching, praying, meditating in order to figure out what that something was. The void within me was filled with food, shopping, external validation, hollow goals, relationships, you name it I tried to fill the emptiness with it. 

Too many times as a Black woman my suffering was minimized and made to seem like it wasn’t that bad, because there was always someone going through worse. Subconsciously it convinced me that my troubles were not worthy of consideration. Of empathy. Of being addressed. And so I would go on about my day and about my work & errands because while I was unraveling inside who was going to pay these bills? Who was going to take care of everybody and everything?

Rhetorical question, right? 

And all the while, I never asked who was going to take care of me.  And maybe that question never saw the light of day because when you’re taught to keep your pain in the dark, prioritizing yourself is a foreign concept.

Trusting yourself is a foreign concept. Seeing yourself worthy of care and love is a foreign concept due to all the years of neglect that has contributed to the disconnect of who you really are. It’s like you can see your higher self on the other side but you just can’t seem to get over there. What is stopping you from going over there?

This retreat is for the woman that wants to confront the obstacle that is getting in her way. This retreat is for the woman that wants to confront herself, because on the other side of that is everything she is capable of being. You are what’s missing. You are the bridge that will carry you back to where you were supposed to be. You’ve been estranged from yourself for far too long and the time has come to make your return at the Welcome Home Retreat.

Welcome Home Retreat

Coming Soon


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