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Welcome to the I.B.Trippin Help Center.  If you have any additional questions that haven’t been answered on the FAQ page, please email me at and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Where do you offer services?

I offer experiences throughout the continental United States.  
International experiences are only available for travel packages.

What is the response time to a consultation request?

When you book your free consultation, I will make sure to confirm your request within 24 hours of its submission.

Who do I contact if I'm having issues scheduling a consultation?

Feel free to email me at for any issues you are having with the website.

How do I know which experience is right for me?

Once I confirm your consultation date, you'll receive a survey via email that will help gather all of your wants and needs.  I'll use the survey during the consultation, and together you and I will figure out which experience you want.

What if I don't see an experience I want offered?

If you don't see an experience that excites you, book a free consultation with me and together we can figure out how to make your vision a reality.

Does the price include the cost of the experience?

The Surprise Destination package includes transportation, accommodations, and an itinerary of restaurant & activity recommendations.  IBT's other experiences include only planning and itinerary.

How many nights are the travel experiences and surprise destination?

The surprise destination and weekend getaway are for 3 days and 2 nights.  The experiences can be extended for an additional cost.
The road trip and domestic & international experiences are for AT LEAST 4 days and 3 nights.

Do I need travel insurance?

Insurance can be purchased for experiences that include plane travel.  I can help you explore what your options are.

How many times can I change my Final Itinerary?

You will be sent an itinerary proposal that can be changed countless times.  Once you accept the Final Itinerary, it can be amended once.  After that, there will be a $20 charge each time the Final Itinerary is changed.

I need to cancel my experience, but I paid my deposit. Will I lose my deposit now?

No! Life happens and things come up.  Your deposit is non-refundable; however, if you need to cancel you will have three months from your deposit date to apply the money to another experience before the value expires.

Why is the minimum budget for a solo traveler more compared to multiple travelers?

A large portion of your budget will go towards accommodations that I book for you. A hotel room will cost the same, whether one or two people are staying there, so the price per traveler is lower if you have a travel buddy. Solo travelers, I love you and encourage your journey, but you're just a little more expensive.

Do you have a referral program?

Sure do! If you completed an experience with I.B.Trippin in the past, you can earn a discount towards a future booking by having your family & friends who schedule an experience mention your name when we ask how they heard about IBT on their pre-consultation survey.
Once your friend enters your name during the survey and books an experience, keep an eye out for an email with your unique promo code for a discount towards your next experience with I.B.Trippin!

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